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The EPI was launched in 2014 by the leaders of 5 countries; Gabon, Chad, Tanzania, Botswana and Ethiopia. Since then, we have grown, and now have 22 member countries. We are Francophone, Lusophone and Anglophone.

The EPI is an African-led
response to the elephant crisis. 

The EPI aims to secure the harmonious coexistence of people and elephants with herds able to travel across their range. We will thereby protect a diverse range of wild animals and plants, combat climate change and support local livelihoods. The EPI Foundation's ‘Vision 2030’ is designed to address the challenges that Africa’s growing human populations and economic development present for its remaining elephants. It has a particular focus on Human-Elephant Conflict, which we believe is now a major threat to elephant conservation. However, we remain committed to supporting the international moratorium on elephant ivory trade and preventing Africa’s ivory stockpiles from leaking onto the illegal market. We also support our member countries  to develop National Elephant Action Plans (NEAPs), based on the African Elephant Action Plan (AEAP) which was agreed by all African elephant range states in 2010. NEAPs include budget, monitoring and evaluation plans for countries to protect elephants and benefit people who live alongside them. 

EPI- Africa’s vision to save its elephants

EPI- Africa’s vision to save its elephants

“The EPI member states are determined to halt the elephant slaughter and fight the wider threats to our biodiversity. But we are fighting the battle on behalf of all mankind. Is the rest of the world prepared to help us?” 


H.E President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon, 

EPI International Consultative Group Meeting, 11 October 2018

The Structure
of the EPI 

Heads of State

Council of Ministers

EPI National Focal Points

The EPI Foundation

  • Summit: Heads of State of EPI countries.

  • EPI Council: Ministers from all EPI countries.

  • EPI National Focal Points: appointed Ministry official in EPI countries to ensure effective communications.

  • EPI Foundation: the Secretariat for the EPI, supporting member countries on resolution of Human-Elephant Conflict, the security of ivory stockpiles, and providing technical expertise for NEAP implementation.