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Inaugural meeting of the Consultative Group…

October 2018

Nigeria Joins the EPI

October 2018

The EPI at the Global Environment Facility Assembly

June 2018


Countdown to October

June 2018

UK announces one of the world's toughest ivory bans

April 2018

African leaders unite to speak out against the ivory trade

April 2018


The EPI Implementation Board Workshop

February 2018

China steps up to save Africa's elephants

January 2018

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 16.13.53.png

Francophone Africa Unites for elephants

January 2018


Knowledge exchange trip for Angola

January 2018

Boosting Angola's anti-poaching efforts

June 2017

Marking a definitive moment in Angola's conservation history

June 2017


Report reveals UK is largest exporter of 'legal' ivory

August 2017


The President of Liberia fights for forest elephants

April 2017

Developing Congo's NEAP

February 2017


Somalia Joins the EPI

September 2016

Sierra Leone joins the EPI

May 2016

Angola joins the EPI

April 2016


Angola bans trade of ivory

March 2016

Congo Brazzaville joins the EPI

January 2016


Liberia joins the EPI

December 2015


South Sudan's first ever ivory inventory

October 2015

Kenya joins the EPI

July 2015

Botswana's President calls on nations to join the EPI

July 2015


Malawi launches illegal wildlife trade review

May 2015

Congo burns ivory & tackles illegal trade

April 2015

Uganda, The Gambia and Malawi all join the EPI

March 2015


The EPI is born

February 2014