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EPI Newsletter: Oct 2019

Is the UK Ivory Act under threat? John Scanlon’s thoughts on the disagreements at CITES. We hope you enjoy, please do forward it on to those who might be interested.


EPI Newsletter: Sept 2019

This month we consider the views that divided and united discussions on elephant conservation at CITES CoP18 in Geneva. With updates from the EPI’s Member State Meeting at CoP18, meetings with the First Lady of Sierra Leone, and a scoping trip to Côte d’Ivoire.

EPI Newsletter: Aug 2019

How the elephant populations of the 19 EPI countries in Africa are incredibly diverse, in all sorts of ways, and the serious threats still facing many. With ivory management updates from Angola, and India, and a Nigerian EPI Friend of the Month.


EPI Newsletter: July 2019

How controversial projects in Tanzania and Uganda are severely threatening two of Africa’s great wilderness areas. News from the EPI Foundation on the appointment of a CEO, and the latest on collaboration with the Nigerian government.


EPI Newsletter: June 2019

This month we ask, ‘is the tide turning for elephants?’ There isn’t a precise answers, but a recent report helps shed some light. Updates include management of ivory stockpiles in Gabon and Uganda, and key meetings with the Cabinet Secretary of Kenya.

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EPI Newsletter: May 2019

With the postponement of CITES CoP18, we look beyond the ivory trade, to the future enduring issues threatening elephants survival in the wild. Updates include crucial work to collar some of the last surviving elephants in Chad, and audits of the storage of ivory in Malawi.

EPI Newsletter: April 2019

‘It’s all about China isn’t it?’ We look at the changing role of China in the illegal ivory trade, and take a look at history for the long view. Updates include First Lady Margaret Kenyatta joining the EPI Foundation Board, Ethiopia’s NEAP Coordination Meeting, and Nigeria’s elusive elephants.

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EPI Newsletter: March 2019

As we become increasingly aware of the global loss of biodiversity, we look at how elephant conservation can promote environment and species protection. Includes developments in Nigeria and an EPI workshop on securing national ivory stockpiles, highlighting the crucial role wildlife product management plays in addressing the illegal wildlife trade.

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EPI Newsletter: Feb 2019

We consider the future challenges facing Africa with ever increasing populations and Human Elephant Conflict, and updates from the EPI supported workshop on wildlife crime in Angola, Stockpile Management System training in Tanzania, and NEAP engagement in Ethiopia.

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EPI Newsletter: Dec 2018

With Christmas approaching, we look forward to 2019 with hope and optimism, as the UK Ivory Bill comes into law. Includes insight into stockpile management work in Uganda and HEC mitigation efforts in Botswana.

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EPI Newsletter: Nov 2018

A look at the success of the EPI Consultative Group meeting at the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in London and the hope this can give for elephants.

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EPI Newsletter: Oct 2018

With the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference returning to London, we look ahead to what we want to achieve through the EPI Consultative Group meeting. With updates from Chad and the crucial work of anti-poaching units in unprotected areas, Angola’s wildlife crime ‘hotline’ and the CITES Standing Committee meeting in Sochi.

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EPI Newsletter: Sept 2018

Tackling the big questions facing many NGO’s and updates from Ethiopia on the successful ivory inventory, working with Angola to strengthen wildlife laws amidst recent seizures and kicking off the development of Botswana’s National Elephant Action Plan (NEAP).

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EPI Newsletter: Aug 2018

Includes updates from the Republic of Congo on the launch of their NEAP, working with the Government of Ethiopia to secure their national ivory stockpiles, and an important announcement from Ian Khama...

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EPI Newsletter: July 2018

Includes updates working with the Governments of Uganda and Malawi, work on Angola's NEAP, tracking elephants in Gabon, and the EPI Secretariat at the GEF Assembly...

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EPI Newsletter: June 2018

Includes how to fight poaching in Chad, Gabon’s long term plan for elephant conservation, and Tanzania reaffirms its commitment to the EPI...

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EPI Newsletter: May 2018

The first of the EPI's monthly newsletter's, includes who we are, our mission, and our plans for October's Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference...