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The fate of Africa’s elephants is in the balance, and October 2018 will be a crucial month in determining their future. Governments and experts from around the world will be converging on London for the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference. We, the Elephant Protection Initiative, representing 18 African countries, will be presenting our plans to end the ivory trade and save our elephants. 

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The elephant Crisis

Africa’s elephants are disappearing. Some 20,000 are killed each year- that’s 55 every single day- mostly for the illegal ivory trade. The overall number has declined by about one third over the last decade. Many elephants now live in small and isolated populations; if current trends continue, they will be wiped out in the next decade.

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Africa's Solution

 We, the EPI, comprise 18 African countries determined to end the killing of our elephants. The majority of surviving elephants live in our countries. We span the continent, from east to west, from savannah to dense forests. We are Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone. We have a plan to protect our elephants. We can do most of the work ourselves, but we also welcome your support.  

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