Here you will find guidance for the management of ivory and other wildlife products.


Gold Standards for the Management of Ivory & Other Wildlife Products

This document aims to provide guidelines for the management of ivory or other wildlife products. The document describes the minimum and Gold Standards for different aspects of ivory and wildlife product management including: physical storeroom security; storeroom management; record keeping and movement of ivory.


Ivory Inventory Protocol

A protocol for conducting a CITES-approved inventory of stockpiles of ivory, adaptable to other wildlife products as required. Free to download, in English, French and Portuguese.

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Presentation Overview of Best Practices & Gold Standards for Management of Wildlife Products

Available on the CITES website as an example of best practices in ivory stockpile management. This presentation provides an overview of the 'Gold Standards for Management of Ivory & Other Wildlife Products', including storeroom types, standards for infrastructure, standards for management procedures, and storeroom assessments. 

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The Stockpile Management System (SMS)

Guidance on our bespoke Stockpile Management System, which secures government held stockpiles, and prevents the theft of wildlife products.


Tools to support the Management and Inventorying of Ivory Stockpiles

Available on the CITES website as an example of best practices in ivory stockpile management. This presentation outlines inventory benefits, CITES requirements, with an overview of the Inventory Protocol and Stockpile Management System tools available. 

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