Kenya joins the EPI

July 2015

The President of Kenya joined the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI), the African-led conservation programme to eradicate the ivory trade and stop the continued slaughter of the continent’s elephants by poachers.

The commitment was made at a signing ceremony arranged by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources for the Kenya-based wildlife charity Space for Giants at State House in Nairobi. It was one of a series of pledges made by the President on joining the Giants Club, Africa’s new governmental conservation initiative that has been launched by Space for Giants.

On 3 March, President Kenyatta committed to put Kenya’s entire ivory stockpile beyond eco-nomic use by burning it before the end of this year. Following the Giants Club signing ceremony the official delegation moved onto the first steps in this process being undertaken at the headquarters of the Kenya Wildlife Service as an independent inventory and DNA sampling of the country’s ivory and rhino horn stocks began.

This will be conducted by a multi-stakeholder team, which has completed inventories and management reviews for six countries in the last 18 months and is in the process of conducting such operations in support of the EPI across Africa. Kenya’s inventory is funded jointly by Stop Ivory and Save the Elephants and supported by Wildlife Direct and students from the Technical University of Kenya. Ernst & Young and Huawei Technologies are private sector partners.