Fighting poaching in Chad

June 2018

The EPI’s Technical Adviser Dr Dolmia Malachie visited Binder-Léré Reserve in south-western Chad in June 2018. Binder-Léré’s elephants have suffered rampant poaching and only c100 remain; an estimated 40 were killed earlier this year, probably by Seleka rebels travelling from neighbouring CAR.

It is estimated there are about 800 surviving elephants in Chad. * The 2016 IUCN African Elephant Status Report

Dr Malachie, accompanied by officials from the French government, found evidence of ongoing poaching. Chad’s latest National Elephant Action Plan, being drawn up with the support of the EPI, contains a proposal to turn part of Binder-Léré into a National Park. We hope this can be done in time to save its isolated and vulnerable elephants.