One Billion Dollars for Elephants...

The EPI is urging donors to invest one billion US dollars in elephant conservation over the next 12 years. The EPI will be presenting its plans to save Africa’s elephants at its inaugural Consultative Group meeting on Thursday October 11th, which will be held within the framework of the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) Conference in London. The EPI Secretariat’s John Stephenson said:

“In response to the challenge laid down by the international community at the first Conference for IWT in 2014, Africa has set out an ambitious programme of elephant conservation. If we invest one billion dollars by 2030 we can put elephants beyond the risk of extinction and protect habitats as well as the communities who live alongside wildlife. When this money is spread across elephant range states, the amount we spend in each country will be modest but the returns will be large.” 

The EPI Consultative Group meeting will be hosted by President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon. Seven EPI countries- Chad, Gabon, Angola, Kenya, Uganda , Malawi and Ethiopia- will be presenting National Elephant Action Plans (NEAPs), costed at 268 million USD over the next three years. The meeting will bring African governments, donors and experts together, and we hope donors will respond generously to the plans laid out by EPI member countries. 

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