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The EPI is an inter-governmental initiative supported by the Elephant Protection Initiative Foundation, by acting as its secretariat. The EPI Foundation is financially supported by two leading conservation charities, Stop Ivory & Conservation International.
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There’s more to saving elephants than catching poachers. The effective management of ivory stockpiles may sound mundane in comparison, but it is crucial to elephant conservation.


Stockpiles of ivory, and other wildlife products, accrue from carcasses found in the wild, or seized from traffickers. The storage and management of these objects is often woefully inadequate – enabling theft, or the neglect of evidence that is essential to securing wildlife crime persecutions. The leakage of ivory back into the illegal market, and the weak enforcement of wildlife protection laws, perpetuate the ivory trade and the continued slaughter of elephants.

The EPI Foundation has created a bespoke Stockpile Management System (SMS), a digital tool for secure storage of inventory data. 








The EPI Foundation has developed a number of key resources to support countries in the management of ivory and other wildlife products