Africa’s elephants are disappearing. Some 20,000 are killed each year- that’s 55 every single day- mostly for the illegal ivory trade. The overall number has declined by about one third over the last decade. Many elephants now live in small and isolated populations; if current trends continue, they will be wiped out in the next decade.

The iconic African Elephant, our largest land mammal, has long been one of the planet's
most celebrated species. It plays a critical role in the biodiversity of its own habitat,

while its remarkable intelligence gives it a unique appeal that draws admirers from

all over the world.

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The poaching of elephants and the trafficking of ivory is largely controlled
by organised crime. An estimated 100,000 elephants were killed in Africa
from 2010-2012. This does not just pose a threat to elephant populations;
it threatens the integrity of whole ecosystems, as well as local livelihoods, national economies and regional stability.