Uganda, The Gambia and Malawi all join the EPI

March 2015

Uganda, The Gambia and Malawi announced that they will join the Elephant Protection Initiative during the Kasane Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade (25th March 2015, Botswana).

In his keynote speech President Bongo from Gabon, one of the EPI founding countries, reiterated the importance of the EPI and invited all countries to come Together under the EPI. Malawi stressed the need for an ivory moratorium as stated within the EPI, and announced it will destroy its ivory stockpile, putting it out of economic use. Kenya also committed to putting its ivory out of economic use; and the UAE pledged to destroy 10 tonnes of its confiscated ivory stock pile this year.

The Kasane Conference is the follow-up to the London IWT Conference, held on February 2014, where the EPI was launched and the London Declaration was signed. The Presidents of Botswana and Gabon, deputy president of Tanzania, vice president of Zambia, deputy prime minister of Namibia, UK environment minister, together leaders from 35 countries, and representatives from INOs and NGOs participated in the conference, with the aim to set out commitments to stop the illegal wildlife trade that is threatening populations of elephants, rhinos, and other species. The third IWT conference will be held in Vietnam in 2016.