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Elephant Protection

Africa's vision for human-elephant coexistence

Who We Are

The Elephant Protection Initiative is an African response to the elephant conservation crisis. This pan-African alliance is led by the Heads of State and Ministers from its 24 member countries, which are supported by National Focal Points working with the EPI Secretariat.

Our Impact Across Africa

The majority of Africa's surviving elephants - both forest and savannah species - are found in EPI member countries. We share common policies, implemented through our four program streams, to save Africa's elephants and build a sustainable future for all people.

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Ending the Global
Ivory Trade

Any form of trade provides an opportunity for illegal activity and gives impetus to poaching

Securing Africa's
Ivory Stockpiles

The effective management of ivory stockpiles is crucial to elephant conservation

Developing Long-Term
Action Plans

Ten-year conservation strategies unique to each elephant range state and their requirements

Tackling Human Elephant Conflict

Ensuring harmonious co-existence between people and elephants throughout the continent

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“The EPI represents hope. Hope that our children and the next generations will have the opportunity to observe elephants in the wild, coexisting with local communities who have a vested interest in protecting them and their habitats”

HRH Prince William, Prince of Wales

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