Securing National Ivory Stockpiles

February 2019

Senior wildlife officials from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Malawi met in Nairobi in February for a 2 day- workshop on securing national ivory stockpiles, led by the EPI’s Dr Winnie Kiiru and Ruth Musgrave. Dr Kiiru said, “If we want to ensure there is no illegal trade in ivory, we need to help countries manage stockpiles, with accurate inventories, management and secure storage. We are aiming for a gold standard methodology”.


The EPI will be leading further consultations with member countries on the secure management of ivory, with the support of the UK Government’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund.

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Photography by Karel Prinsloo copyright ©

Photography by Karel Prinsloo copyright ©

The elephant Crisis

Africa’s elephants are disappearing. Some 20,000 are killed each year- that’s 55 every single day- mostly for the illegal ivory trade. The overall number has declined by about one third over the last decade. Many elephants now live in small and isolated populations; if current trends continue, they will be wiped out in the next decade.

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Africa's Solution

 We, the EPI, comprise 19 African countries determined to end the killing of our elephants. The majority of surviving elephants live in our countries. We span the continent, from east to west, from savannah to dense forests. We are Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone. We have a plan to protect our elephants. We can do most of the work ourselves, but we also welcome your support.  

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