We, the EPI, comprise 20 African countries determined to end the killing of our elephants. The majority of surviving elephants live in our countries. We span the continent, from east to west, from savannah to dense forests. We are Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone. We have plans to protect our elephants, but we know any lasting solutions must incorporate the needs of people who live alongside wildlife. We believe conservation and development can be achieved in tandem. We can do most of the work ourselves, but we also welcome your support.



March 2020

The EPI Foundation is looking for a Programme Officer to join our herd, to support projects specifically related to ivory stockpile management across various EPI member countries. 



Africa’s elephants are disappearing. Some 20,000 are killed each year- that’s 55 every single day- mostly for the illegal ivory trade. The overall number has declined by about one third over the last decade. Many elephants now live in small and isolated populations; if current trends continue, they will be wiped out in the next decade.


"We can save Africa's elephants, but only if we all do our part. We need to come together to support National Elephant Action Plans."

Dr Ian Khama 
Former President of Botswana
Chair of the EPI Leadership Council

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The EPI is an inter-governmental initiative supported by the Elephant Protection Initiative Foundation, by acting as its secretariat. The EPI Foundation is financially supported by two leading conservation charities, Stop Ivory & Conservation International.
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