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Republic of Angola

Much of Angola's wildlife, including its elephants, were destroyed during the long civil war that finally ended in 2003. Miraculously, a few thousand elephants did survive, mostly in the remote south-east. This was a region described as "as terras do fim do mundo" or "the lands at the end of the earth". Angola joined the Elephant Protection Initiative in 2015 and is committed to restoring its wildlife reserves and populations.

Progress Towards the EPI Aims

Ivory Stockpiles Beyond Economic Use
National Elephant Action Plan Launched (2018-2028)
National Ivory Action Plan Developed
Domestic Ivory Markets Closed
Declaration Against International Ivory Trade

Angola's Work with the EPI

Since joining the Elephant Protection Initiative in 2015, Angola has worked closely with the EPI Secretariat to protect its elephants and tackle the illegal wildlife trade, as well as being a significant advocate on the global stage.

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Facts & Figures

Country Area: 1,246,700 km2

Elephant Range: 323,370 km2

Protected Range: 15%

Estimated Elephant Population: 3,396

CITES Listing: Appendix I

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