Unique opportunities to work for an inter-governmental initiative, engaging with governments at the highest level, to support an African-led solution to the elephant crisis.

Head of Operations

The Head of Operations takes responsibility for the EPIF’s day-to-day operations, and works closely with the CEO as the strategic lead for all operational structures and processes, supporting and enabling the EPIF to be sustainable and impactful. This role is responsible for the alignment of Secretariat activities to strategic goals, management of the organisation’s grant portfolio, ensuring the proper implementation of governance structures, and working with the team to help coordinate the effective delivery of support to member states. The role also envisages establishing and growing funding opportunities, including through proposal development and donor relationship management.

Project Officer

The Project Officer will play a key support role in the management of projects in EPI countries, particularly to meet the EPI commitment to place ivory beyond economic use, through improving the security, transparency and management of government-held ivory stockpiles. The EPIF have two key packages of tools to achieve this: the Stockpile Management System (SMS), a digital inventory App with related protocols; and the “Gold Standards for Ivory Management” a reference document outlining the minimum and gold standards for stockpile management, together with an assessment tool. 

This role supports project co-ordination, grant management and the delivery of activities to support EPI member countries using these tools.  It will predominantly focus on the implementation of two US Government grants which are being implemented in 6 countries.