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Malawi’s elephants are all in protected areas, often surrounded by farmland with large human populations. By far the largest elephant population is in Liwonde National Park, at the southern tip of Lake Malawi. Malawi joined the EPI in 2015.

Progress Towards the EPI Aims

Priority Projects Funded
NEAP Launched (2015 - 2025)
Stockpile Beyond Economic Use
Inventory in the Last 2 Years
Domestic Trade Closed
Declaration Against International Ivory Trade
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Facts & Figures

Country Area: 118,480 km²

Elephant Range: 7,789 km² (7%)

Protected Range: 89%

Estimated Elephant Population: 1,307

CITES Listing: Appendix I

All statistics are taken from 2016 AfESG African Elephant Status Report

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