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Republic of Botswana

Botswana has by far Africa’s largest elephant population, and is one of the few countries in Africa where elephants are expanding their geographical range. The majority of Botswana’s elephants are in the North and have historically migrated to and from neighbouring countries like Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Botswana was a founder member of the Elephant Protection Initiative in 2014.

Progress Towards the EPI Aims

Priority Projects Funded
Declaration Against International Ivory Trade
Domestic Trade Closed
Inventory in the last Two Years
National Elephant Action Plan Launched (2019 - 2029)
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Facts & Figures

Country Area: 600,370 km2

Elephant Range: 228,073 km2

Protected Range: 16%

Estimated Elephant Population: 131,626

CITES Listing: Appendix II

Botswana's Work with the EPI

Since launching the Elephant Protection Initiative in 2014, Botswana has worked closely with the EPI Secretariat to protect its elephants and tackle the illegal wildlife trade, as well as being a significant advocate on the global stage.

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