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Implementing the African Elephant Action Plan

10-year elephant conservation strategies.

The African Elephant Action Plan, agreed by all range states in 2010, set out to ensure a secure future for African Elephants and their habitats by restoring sustainable elephant populations throughout their present and potential range. Recognising the potential of elephants to provide significant ecological, socio-cultural, and economic benefits to humankind.

Critical to successfully achieving the AEAP's goals is the development and implementation of individual National Elephant Action Plans. These plans, championed by national governments and made possible through technical and financial support from the EPI Foundation, provide a framework for effective elephant conservation on a country-by-country basis.

National Elephant Action Plans







Aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals

Our NEAPs are aligned to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals introduced in 2016. We believe that the challenges of conservation and ending poverty cannot be seen in isolation - they are mutually supporting targets.


NEAP Team Lead

Dr Hugo Jachmann

Hugo is a wildlife ecologist with a Ph.D. in elephant ecology and many years of experience with wildlife research, management and law enforcement. He has worked for various organisations throughout the African continent: Long term positions were as elephant researcher in Malawi, advisor research and wildlife management in Burkina Faso, as Assistant Director for the LIRDP in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia, as Chief Technical Advisor for the Environmental Council in Lusaka, Zambia, and as Senior Technical Advisor for the Wildlife Division in Ghana.


Additionally, he has worked as a short-term consultant on many different assignments in 10 different African countries, ranging from consultant human-elephant conflict in Mali to consultant on elephant translocation in Senegal as a member of the African Elephant Specialist Group.

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Resources and Material

M&E Framework

Guidance on the design and implementation of M&E frameworks for National Elephant Action Plans.

28 February 2019

NEAP Template

A ready-to-customise template for the development of a new National Elephant Action Plan.

7 June 2023

Developing NEAPs

A summary of the National Elephant Action Plan development guidelines.

28 February 2019

NEAP Guidelines

The comprehensive guid to developing a detailed and outcomes-orientated National Elephant Action Plan.

31 May 2021

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