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Republic of Benin

Benin is home to one of West Africa's largest remaining elephant populations. However, after years of poaching, Benin's elephants are now almost completely confined to the northern border region adjoining Burkina Faso and Niger. Years of unsustainable use have also threatened this landscape - the last refuge for the region's elephants. Benin joined the EPI in March 2020, signalling its determination to protect those elephants and stop the ivory trade.

Progress Towards the EPI Aims

Ivory Stockpiles Beyond Economic Use
Declaration Against International Ivory Trade
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Facts & Figures

Country Area: 112,620 km2

Elephant Range: 9,112 km2

Protected Range: 100%

Estimated Elephant Population: 2,984 +/- 1,460

CITES Listing: Appendix I

Benin's Work with the EPI

Since joining the Elephant Protection Initiative in 2020, Benin has worked closely with the EPI Secretariat to protect its elephants and tackle the illegal wildlife trade, as well as being a significant advocate on the global stage.

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