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Alliance of African Elephant Range States Celebrates a Decade of Progress in Conservation

The Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI), an alliance of African countries formed in 2014 in response to the elephant ivory poaching crisis, celebrates its first decade in 2024. The EPI was formed by five countries but has grown rapidly and today consists of 24.

During the last 10 years EPI countries have campaigned successfully to maintain the ban on international commercial ivory trade and close domestic ivory markets in many African countries. The EPI’s secretariat, the EPI Foundation, has helped secure ivory stockpiles in 15 countries, inventory almost half a million kgs of ivory, and train more than 1,000 wildlife officials in stockpile management. 

As it enters its second decade, the EPI is increasingly focused on the mitigation and management of human-elephant conflict, (HEC).

HRH Prince William, Prince of Wales, sends a message of congratulations to the EPI on its 10th anniversary.

“Success brings new challenges. Today we worry a little less about criminal ivory poaching cartels, and more about how elephants coexist with our farmers and pastoralists. If people who live close to elephants do not benefit from their conservation, they will be less likely to support us, and our efforts hitherto will have been in vain.” 

Sharon Ikeazor,
former Federal Minister of State, Federal Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, Nigeria, and incoming chair of the EPI’s Leadership Council.

This short film captures what we have achieved over the past decade, and shares a glimpse of our focus for the next one.


Featured in the film are some of our national focal points who ensure effective communication and collaboration between their government, the EPI and the EPI secretariat. 


Ivory and Beyond; A Decade of Progress

The 10th anniversary report of the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI)  which tells the story of the first decade of a unique alliance of African countries committed to conserving their elephants. It is written by the EPI’s secretariat, the EPI Foundation.

May 2024

Press Release: An African Success Story

Announcing that the EPI, an alliance of African countries formed in 2014 in response to the elephant ivory poaching crisis, is celebrating its first decade of existence in May, 2024. 

April 2024

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