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Boosting Angola's anti-poaching efforts

Under its developing National Elephant Action Plan, the Government of Angola identified strengthening anti-poaching capability and National Park management as priority projects. The EPI has conducted several initiatives to implement targeted changes on the ground.

To strengthen Angola’s anti-poaching capability, bespoke ranger training has been conducted in two locations – in the South centred on Menongue in Cuando Cubango Province, and Cagandala National Park in the Northern Malange Province. The training was delivered by 51 Degrees, giving specialist instruction to 30 rangers and 9 National Park personnel during a 21-day course.

The Environment Minister and dignitaries visited the first ranger training held in Menongue. The Minister also formally opened the Angola chapter of the Game Rangers Association of Africa, further strengthening the framework for the longterm security of the country’s National Parks. Two new GPS units and six Huawei tablets were presented to the Angolan Government to enable the further roll-out of the Stockpile Management System

in Angola.

Further work in Angola has been prioritised for 2018 – with plans underway for a Rapid Needs Assessment for protected area management of Parque Nacional do Luengue Liana and Parque Nacional do Quiçama, and a comprehensive ranger training programme for induction of new recruits into INBAC over the next 3 years.



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