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Forest Elephants; Endangered Treasures of Nigeria

In the week that the African forest elephant was declared Critically Endangered, take a look at this hidden camera footage from Okomu National Park, Edo State in southern Nigeria. Some 30 elephants survive in Okomu, some of the last in Nigeria, despite widespread illegal logging and other disturbances.

The capital of Edo State is Benin City, which is near Okomu. There’s been much talk in recent weeks that the Benin Bronzes, looted from Benin City by the British military in 1897, will be returned. But as these pictures show, Benin Bronzes are not Edo’s only treasures. The Edo State government has ambitious plans for a new cultural museum. Imagine if visitors were also able to enjoy the wonders of Okomu and its forest elephants.

(Video courtesy of Nigeria National Parks)



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