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The Halo Trust Joins the Elephant Protection Initiative

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The EPI Foundation is delighted to announce that the Halo Trust has become an EPI pledge partner, the 34th non-governmental or inter-governmental organisation to declare its support for our objectives.

The Halo Trust works in 25 countries and territories across the world, clearing landmines and explosives left behind by war. It has worked in EPI member country Angola since 1994, where it has destroyed almost 100,000 mines, including in the south-eastern province of Cuando Cubango, home to thousands of elephants.

John Scanlon, CEO of the EPI Foundation said:

We salute the wonderful work done by the Halo Trust not only in saving human lives, but also in creating the long term conditions in which areas can be made safe for agriculture and nature conservation, for people and wildlife. We look forward to working together in the future.

James Cowan, CEO of the HALO Trust said:

The vision of the EPI is closely aligned with our own. By clearing landmines in Angola we are also working to create a sustainable environment, where human development and local livelihoods do not harm the natural environment, but rather protect it.

In 2019 the Halo Trust announced a long-term project in south-eastern Angolan to clear the Okavango headwaters of land mines. The EPI Foundation has been working with the Angolan government since 2015 on securing the country’s ivory stockpiles and developing a National Elephant Action Plan.


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