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World Elephant Day 2020

Dr. Winnie Kiiru from the EPI Foundation discusses the successes and challenges of elephant conservation in 2020.

It has been a difficult year for all of us, but there is still much to celebrate. Dr. Winnie Kiiru from the EPI Foundation is spending World Elephant Day in Amboseli, Kenya where they have seen over 140 beautiful calves born in 2020 already, and more are expected.

But across Africa we face enormous challenges, due to COVID-19 there has been a collapse in tourism, and the competition between humans and elephants for land has increased. But here at the EPI we are well placed to meet these challenges. We speak for 21 African member countries and have had success in ending the legal trade in ivory and now we must find solutions to human elephant conflict, and repair the damage done to conservation by the coronavirus pandemic. 

With your support we can protect elephants and their ecosystems, and secure a better future for Africa’s elephants and people. 

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